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Lately, Hyderabad witnessed a record-breaking blood donation drive the place 2,795 models of blood have been collected by 11 blood banks within the metropolis, to mark Indian Army Day. While this feat gained a mention in two prestigious world document books for being the “Largest voluntary blood Donation and Consciousness Camp”, blood banks within the city vouch for that incontrovertible fact that Hyderabadis typically are enthusiastic donors. And the variety of donors is just growing by the day, they say.

“In 2015, the variety of blood donors within the metropolis was 13,000. In 2016, that quantity went up to 19,000,” informs KP Reddy, Medical Officer at Red Cross Blood Bank. His colleague Dr Komal Jagdish concurs. “A couple of years ago, we used to wrestle to gather even 100 models of blood in a whole day. however at this time once we organise a blood donation camp, we often gather round 176 models of blood by 3 pm. Hyderabad’s students are huge donors. At a current blood donation camp in an engineering school we collected 478 models. Amongst MNCs — the opposite massive donor group — every camp provides us a minimum of 200-300 models of blood,” she says.

Regardless of those hearty statistics, Hyderabad’s blood banks still do not have enough to satisfy the rising demand, say docs.


“At present, the requirement for blood in Hyderabad has gone as much as 2.5 lakh models per yr. One of many most important reasons for this is Hyderabad turning into a medical tourism hub. There are extra sufferers coming in from everywhere in the world for remedy, thereby growing the demand for blood,” explains Dr KP Reddy.

And that is why there can “by no means be too many donors”, says Dr Katiki Rama Suba reddy, from Gene Blood Bank, Punjagutta. “See, from our blood bank alone we send out 300-400 models everyday. And I am sad to say that we can’t all the time meet the demand. As an example, right now we don’t have stock in any respect. That is very true of summer time months, because not many come forward to donate throughout summer time. Then again, rare blood groups like AB+ve, AB-ve or any unfavorable teams normally are onerous to return by. Donors of those groups are few, and when there’s demand, there’s often brief provide.”

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It isn’t just accident instances that require blood transfusion. “There are lots of conditions by which patients need blood to stay alive. Most major surgical procedures need blood. For instance, every open coronary heart surgical procedure requires six models of blood,” says Dr S Prakash, Medical Officer, Chiranjeevi Eye & Blood Financial institution.

“Patients with blood illnesses like Leukaemia, Thalassemia, Anaemia especially Aplastic Anaemias, Haemophilia and so forth., require frequent blood transfusions simply to remain alive. In miscarriage or childbirth instances, moms may require blood transfusion. Do we’ve got enough donors? No! The requirement isn’t met. Blood banks are all the time operating in need of required blood. Consciousness is the necessity of the hour. It’s a social obligation. Every healthy citizen should come ahead to donate blood to offer a dying individual a lease of life,” provides Dr Prakash.

One other drawback is that donors come forward only when there is a blood donation camp, says Krishna Reddy, medical officer, St.Theresa’s Blood Bank. “So most blood donation banks find yourself spending loads of time and assets on organising these camps. And even then, not everybody who turns up at the camp is match to be a donor. For example, I’ve observed ladies are more prepared to donate blood when compared to males. But, since many ladies have low haemoglobin rely they can’t donate blood. It will be of great help if healthy, fit individuals would come directly to blood banks to donate blood,” he provides.


There are such a lot of myths about blood donation that stops individuals from coming ahead to provide blood, points out Dr Komal Jagdish, including, “From the worry of contracting infections like HIV because of the shared needles, to the misunderstanding that one would develop into weak —we have now heard it all. Many draw back solely because they are fearful of needles. However the ache is no more than a prick. The slight momentary soreness in the place where the needle was pricked is simply a reminder of the great deed.” Dr Katiki Rama Suba reddy, who is a record-holding blood donor himself, says, “We must understand that anybody who’s a wholesome grownup, not on medicine and weighs 50 kilos and above can donate blood. You not only save a life, however it’s additionally useful to your personal health. Your lipid profile will regulate itself, it lowers danger of cardio vascular illnesses and so on. The perfect half is that the whole volume you donated is regenerated by the physique in a matter of 72 hours. I have donated blood 61 occasions and I am absolutely healthy. I might advocate everybody does it.”

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To those that aren’t positive of why they need to donate blood, KP Reddy has this to say: “If you turn into a donor, keep in mind you save three lives since we separate the blood into RBC, plasma and platelets.”


It is good on your heart

  • Blood donation improves the general cardiovascular well being
  • Reduces probability of heart assaults
  • Lowers the danger of strokes
  • Replenishes your blood cells
  • Improves excretion of iron
  • Whereas human physique has limited capacity to excrete iron, for each unit of blood that is donated, one-quarter of a gram of iron will probably be lost, which protects your organs – liver, heart, pancreas and risks which are related to post-menopause in ladies, as a consequence of iron overload. It also balances iron ranges in your physique.

You get a free check-up

Blood donation is encouraged only if an individual is match for it. So one useful perk associated with donating blood includes a free check-up which may display you for an entire blood picture,

including 13 infectious illnesses.

it improves your blood circulate

Hypercoagulable is a situation that thickens blood and reduces mobility. It’s prompted resulting from a high-sugar weight loss plan, smoking, stress and high-cholesterol. Common blood donation will assist free stream of blood and ensures that oxygen reaches all your tissues.

Reduces danger of Cancers

Discount of iron reserves in the body can make you liberated from free-radical injury within the physique and iron has been linked to elevated danger of cancer and ageing.

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Get good karma and nice glow

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