Woman Credits 90-Pound Weight Loss To Cutting Carbs, Walking

I knew I had to work out to lose weight too, but the gym didn’t appeal to me. I started walking instead.

amber akam

Amber Akam

I have a very long driveway—it’s about a quarter-mile long, so each time I walked up and back equated to half a mile. I started walking back and forth on the driveway four to eight times a day—that amounted to two to four miles daily.

Exercising made a huge difference: I not only started losing weight quicker, but I also felt myself getting stronger and more toned. Seeing those changes in my body was all the motivation I needed to stick to my Atkins diet and exercise regimen.

And even though Atkins turned out to be a diet I could stick with, it wasn’t necessarily easy. Snacking is still a major temptation for me, so I make sure to carry around healthy snacks (like the cheese sticks and Atkins candies I love) so I don’t fall for gas station treats. And, with two kids to take care of, I have to make time to get in a workout—that means early in the morning before they wake up or well after they go to bed.

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Losing weight has finally made me feel happy with myself—something I haven’t felt in a long time.

I can take photos now and actually look at them without being embarrassed. Of course, I feel better and have more energy for my kids too, but it all adds up to feeling happy and comfortable in my own skin.

Weight loss isn’t a one-time thing—you can’t revert back to your old diet once you lose the weight and expect to not gain the weight back. Instead of being just a diet, Atkins taught me how to change my lifestyle—now, I can pass on my newfound healthy eating habits to my kids so they don’t have to go through what I went through.