Why hypertension is on the increase in young adults

Hypertension is known to be the disease of the elderly with an age-related risk that increases the older one gets.

However globally, there has been an increase in hypertension in children, adolescents and young adults due to an increase in lifestyle risk factors.

In the United States alone, 20% of those aged 18-30 who took part in a study for Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) were discovered to be hypertensive.

Some of the underlying risk factors to hypertension in young adults include the following:

Secondary hypertension

About 90 to 95% of all hypertension cases fall under the category of primary hypertension, that refers to high blood pressure for which no medical cause can be found.

Secondary hypertension, which counts for the remaining five to 10% of cases are caused by other medical conditions that affect the kidneys, arteries, heart, or endocrine system.

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