Why food safety matters to our well-being

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Through the years, docs and researchers have discovered that the extra toxins we expose ourselves to in our surroundings and our food chain, the larger the health problems we might face.

Take diabetes for example – India has 69 million diabetics, as per the International Diabetes Federation’s Atlas 2015. Quite a lot of studies have shown, says endocrinologist Jayashree Gopal, that larger use of pesticides increases the prevalence of diabetes. “Acute pesticide publicity can lead to blood sugar capturing up, and continual or long-term exposure can make an individual more vulnerable to diabetes,” she says. And this is only one among quite a lot of chemical compounds that we’re being exposed to in our day by day lives. From shampoos and automotive fresheners to the plastic packing containers during which we retailer our meals, our surroundings accommodates an ever-increasing number of what are often known as endocrine-disrupting chemical compounds, Dr. Gopal says. “They enter our system at totally different ranges – you might inhale the fumes of a scent, eat food wrapped in plastic or even have it enter your physique by way of printed receipts that you simply handle. Even if disposed of, these chemical compounds leach into the groundwater and re-enter our meals chain,” she says.

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