Why Exercise is Important for Heart Health

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Exercise can be fun, fulfilling and very straightforward. You don’t have to run a mile daily or lift heavy weights|Lift heavy weights or you don’t have to run a mile daily. In reality, studies have shown greater health benefits from light to moderate exercise simply because people are more inclined to stay with it. And anyone at any age can exercise!

It’s proven heart health improves with just 30 minutes of exercise on most days. Any exercise (e.g. walking, jogging, running) can work as long as the activity is vigorous enough to raise your pulse. If time is an issue, you can even split your exercise into 15 minutes in the morning and 15 moments in the evening. Get creative, find something you love|find and integrate it into your exercise routine|it. There’s an old test known as the talk/sing test to see if your current exercise level is not sufficient or too strenuous. If you can’t talk while you (************************), you are working too hard. If you’re able to sing, you want to increase your amount|You need to increase your amount if you’re able to sing|You want to increase your amount, if you can sing.

As exercise strengthens other muscles in your body, it also helps your heart muscle become more efficient and better able to pump blood throughout your body. This means the heart pushes out more blood with each beat|more blood with every beat out, allowing it to beat slower and keep your blood pressure under control|keep your blood pressure under control and to beat slower.

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