What You Should Know If You Have Diabetes And Choose To Fast This Ramadan

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Fasting during Ramadan is a vital element of Islam. Nevertheless, patients with diabetes who determine to quick want to watch sure precautions. Some do worry about how to do that safely, and how one can fulfill this spiritual obligation with out creating well being problems for themselves. Because of this, it is very important understand what actually occurs to your body if you quick and what you can do to maintain your diabetes beneath management during Ramadan.

How risky is fasting for you?

Sufferers with diabetes fall underneath two categories, depending on the extent of danger related to fasting. Patients with Sort 1 diabetes are within the high-risk class. The probabilities of them suffering from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia when fasting are larger as in comparison with sufferers with Sort 2 diabetes. All sufferers with diabetes nevertheless should consult their physician earlier than they undertake the Ramadan fast in order that they’re conscious of all precautionary measures they should take to make fasting a protected expertise.

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