What Is Keto? Trendy Diet Allows for Plenty of Cheese and Fat

“Everybody is different, but most people maintain ketosis with between 20 and 50 g of net carbs per day,” Mattinson told the publication.

One thing that makes keto challenging is that even eating the wrong serving size of fruit could make your body burn carbs instead of fat.

“It’s easy to get ‘kicked out’ of ketosis,” Mattinson said. Even meats need to be consumed in moderation, and certain types are off limits completely, like breaded chicken or cold cuts. Everyday Health has a complete list of food guidelines to get you started.

Studies have shown, however, that keto does have some benefits. In 2012, a paper published in Nutrition indicated the plan could help diabetics maintain their blood sugar levels, though there is some concern about consuming excess amounts of fat. Many studies have shown the diet to be effective for losing weight.

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