What Foods Cause High Blood Pressure? 9 Foods to Avoid

Everywhere we look we are faced with health-compromising invaders. The scariest part? We can’t see most of them. From salt to saturated fat, there are many culprits lurking in our food — some of which can have a lasting impact on our body.

One of the biggest areas of concern is high blood pressure. Although a number of life’s stressors can lead to blood pressure spikes, food is often one of the main culprits. Discover what foods cause high blood pressure, ahead.

One can of soup has more than the ideal daily recommended sodium intake. | iStock.com/tvirbickis

1. Canned soup

Wondering what foods cause high blood pressure? Salty — aka sodium-rich — items are usually to blame. While salt likes to hide in a number of places, canned soup is one of its favorites. For the most part, one can of soup contains about 2,000 mg of sodium — that’s 500 mg more than the American Heart Association’s ideal daily recommended amount.

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