VRMC plans Diabetes awareness event Thursday

Mary Le Blanc, who leads community outreach for the Diabetes Management Center, added that parents should keep in mind that they have control over their children’s diets. The time she has spent distributing information on the disease have shown her that one population that is most afraid to find out whether they have the disease is men.

“The women are like, ‘Check me.’ Men will circumnavigate our table,” Le Blanc said.

Rosary Munoz, nurse practitioner and diabetes educator, said she would encourage Brownsville residents to take advantage of free health screenings offered at health events. When patients learn they are borderline diabetic, she said, that’s the time to start worrying and making changes.

“Some patients won’t follow up because, ‘I don’t want to change the way I eat,’” Munoz said. “We do have a lot of pre-diabetics who come in.”

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