Type 2 diabetes symptoms: Weight loss, tiredness and feeling hungry

Type 2 diabetes symptoms should never be ignored, because if the condition is left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications. Health problems that can occur range from kidney damage to cardiovascular disease. One symptoms people may associate with type 2 diabetes is feeling thirsty all the time. But other symptoms can easily be overlooked – three to watch out for are weight loss, feeling very tired and feeling hungry, says Diabetes.co.uk.

Weight loss

While weight loss may appear a positive thing for those carrying extra weight, unexplained weight loss can be something of concern.

The diabetes expert says: “Unexplained weight loss is the term to describe a decrease in body weight that occurs unintentionally and can be a warning sign of diabetes.

“Losing or gaining a few pounds here and there is normal, but unexplained weight loss that is significant (10lbs/4.5kg or more or over 5 per cent of your body weight) may signal an underling medical condition.

“In people with diabetes, insufficient insulin prevents the body from getting glucose from the blood into the body’s cells to use as energy.

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