Trying Keto With Online Support May Safely Reverse Diabetes: Study

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How Was the Study Done, and Who Conducted It?

Study authors from Indiana University Health and Purdue University, along with other collaborating universities, followed about 350 people with type 2 diabetes to see if a smartphone app used with a low-carb keto diet could help them safely lose weight and lower their blood sugar. Virta supplied the app, but McCarter says despite that fact and Virta’s sponsorship, an institutional and review board at Indiana University approved and monitored the research, eliminating the potential for bias. Virta is a for-profit company.

For the research, a control group of 87 people followed their regular routine of meeting with a doctor in person and eating the ADA diet. Meanwhile, 262 people followed keto, while regularly meeting with Virta Health coach and physician via the app, as well as connecting with an online community of people working to manage their blood sugar.

The ADA diet focuses on portion control, carb counting, and a balanced diet rich in whole foods, while the keto diet focuses on drastic carb reduction, moderate protein, and high fat.

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