Top 5 Desi Dishes That You Didn’t Know Were Keto-Friendly

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2. Paneer bhurji

If you’re on a keto diet, then paneer is going to be your friend. A 100-gm of paneer has a mere 3.4 gm of carbs, as per data by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)! Paneer is extensively used in vegetarian preparations in India and bhurji is one of the most nutritious and easy-to-make paneer dishes. You can also add it to salads and make keto-friendly desserts with it. Get the recipe here.

3. Sarso Ka Saag

India has a wealth of greens, which usually tend to be low in carbs. A popular cooked winter green, mustard is eaten as sarso ka saag. A 100-gm of raw sarso has a mere 4.7 gm of carbs (as per the USDA data). Add a little bit of ghee to your saag, in order to enhance its nutrition and add some good fats to it. Get the recipe here.


Indian Ketogenic Diet: Mustard greens in sarso ka saag are low in carbs

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