Too much sugar ‘could be stopping you from falling pregnant’

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COULD sugar be stopping you from getting pregnant?

In accordance with Australian nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge it might be, and it’s all to do with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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Eating an excessive amount of sugar could possibly be damaging your probabilities of getting pregnant, a nutritionist claims

PCOS is a standard situation affecting one in 5 ladies in the UK.

But half of these with polycystic ovary syndrome will do not know they’re suffering the situation that may depart a lady infertile.

For a lot of, the one trace of PCOS is irregular durations, whereas in additional extreme instances sufferers could be left with embarrassing hair progress on their faces, chest, again and bottom.

The condition impacts how a lady’s ovaries perform.

It occurs when the sacs the ovaries sit in are unable to launch an egg, which suggests ovulation doesn’t happen.

In these instances turning into pregnant naturally is inconceivable, as no egg is released into the fallopian tube able to be fertilised.

But Michele says that, while some cases have an unknown cause, many are thought to be linked to sugar consumption.

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