Tom Watson weight loss diet – cut out refined sugar and starchy carbs to lose weight fast

“It starts with trying to lead a more active life, but it doesn’t end there and you need help doing it.”

The MP went on to explain he has set up a commission that asks the question – how can we halt the rise in Type 2 diabetes in the lifetime of a parliament?

He said: “Dealing with obesity is obviously part of that and I want to hear from people who have ideas about how we can do it.

“My message to those politicians who are going to blame people for people overweight or obese is this: stop labelling people, and start arguing for proper labelling of the foods they put in themselves.”

The reaction to this video statement has been mixed, with many Twitter users agreeing with the sentiment but saying some personal responsibility should be taken for weight gain and a poor diet.

One user said: “Purposely addictive food stuffs loaded with fast carbs, rancid vegetable fats & salt certainly make staying lean much much more difficult. However lets not lose sight of personal responsibility.

“Much of the rot of the West is due to blaming others for our own weaknesses.”

Ross Finnigan added: “Come on Tom. Did you not take responsibility for yourself when you made the change and lost all the weight? (and well done by the way).

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