Tom Watson weight loss diet – cut out refined sugar and starchy carbs to lose weight fast

Tom Watson, 51, has lost nearly seven stone in weight since taking on a healthier lifestyle which, subsequently, also reversed his Type 2 diabetes.

Writing in a newsletter about his weight-loss journey last year, Tom said: “Did I tell you I’m on a diet? I know you’re not supposed to call them that anymore, to be on message they have to be a ‘lifestyle change’.”

To mark World Obesity Day, Watson took to his Twitter account this morning with a video statement about weight loss and how the UK government could tackle the current obesity crisis.

Shockingly he revealed two thirds of the UK is overweight or obese, he added: “I think it’s worth us marking today as World Obesity Day – not least because some idiot politician or campaigner will be blaming people for their conditions.”

Watson went on to explain he was fed up of people being labelled as overweight or obese, and those people struggling with their weight were fighting a losing battle thanks to over-complicated food labelling.

He said: “You know there are over 50 words used to describe the sugars we put in our body. Do you think that’s not deliberate?”

Watson added: “It’s important to develop an approach to eating and exercise that works for you as an individual. And believe me, I don’t underestimate how hard that is.

“It starts with cutting out refined sugar and starchy carbs.

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