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This new treatment could provide weeks of glucose control for Type 2 diabetes patients

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To regulate their blood sugar levels, individuals with sort 2 diabetes continually have to rely on medicine, however it’s a difficult situation to handle, especially if you need daily insulin shots.

Researchers have been engaged on a new technique for delivering diabetes medicine to make them last longer in the body. Now a current research using both mice and monkeys has shown potential for remedies that may solely require a couple of injections a month.


A few of the latest-generation sort 2 diabetes medicine include a molecule referred to as GLP1 (glucagon-like peptide-1), which stimulates insulin manufacturing in the body only when it needs extra glucose.

That sounds very best, however unfortunately, GLP1 has a very brief half-life – it breaks down in the body shortly, making it an impractical long-term remedy by itself.

By combining it with other molecules, it’s potential to extend the half-life of GLP1. But that technique nonetheless solely will get us to about Three-7 days.

Proper now, patients within the US have already got some options that may be injected weekly, but scientists are in search of a strategy to slow down the discharge of the drug itself.

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