This Is Why You Crave Sugar Immediately After Your Meal

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  • Craving sugar after meal is a natural phenomenon
  • Sugar cravings might be a result of elevated serotonin
  • Sugar cravings can be triggered by high carb meals

Let’s admit it. We love our desserts, and for many of us, eliminating the final course of the meal is the hardest part of following any diet. Dietitians and health specialists all the time advice in ruling out as much sugar as you’ll be able to from your food regimen because sugar is a supply of empty calories with no dietary worth. Since it has no perform to perform in our physique, it gets accrued in the fat cells and results in weight achieve. But throughout all cultures, residence and abroad, there’s a custom of ending an excellent spherical of meal with a fair good spherical of desserts. Most of us virtually out of reflex begin looking for something candy after every meal. So what could possibly be the rationale behind these sugar cravings, this urge to end a meal with sweets? Lets find out.In response to Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, “After your meals, the primary perform of the physique, which takes up majority of power, is digestion. And since digestion takes so much power, the body craves an power spike which it gets in the type of sugar. Sugar types a supply of quick power.”
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Typically, the craving is usually because of psychological reasons than physiological. The will occurs out of a habit of ending your meal with a candy. Common consumption of foods excessive in sugar and fats leads to a certain neurochemical wiring in the mind that routinely triggers the longing for some of these foods. In case you have all the time related “meal-ending” with one thing candy, it is troublesome to seek out the closure if you have not met the need.

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