This Is One Of The Biggest Weight-Loss Lessons You Can Learn From ‘My 600-Pound Life’

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Occasionally episodes showcase what are likely unintentional acts of sabotage: In season three of this show, you watch Pauline, who weighs 678 pounds, take a fast-food breakfast out of her son and caretaker  when laying in a hospital bed where she cannot move unassisted.  

But other instances aren’t so innocent: In an episode from season two, Zsalynn, 42, who weights 597 pounds, says her mom often called her fat, and wouldn’t even let her lick postage stamps because she thought there were calories in them.  

Younan Nowzaradan, M.D., the show’s compassionate gastric bypass surgeon from Houston Obesity Surgery, asserts that without support, a weight-loss journey will almost certainly fail.   “If they do not have [support], it is almost impossible for them to be successful in the long run, unless they remove those individuals from their surroundings. They either have to change their energetic with those enablers or different from them if they would like to succeed,” Nowzaradan informed  People.

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