The ‘silent killers’ that you may not know you’re at risk of

Most visits to the doctor are for the assessment of specific problems or a review of pre-existing disease.

And although many GPs carry out pre-emptive medical assessments to varying degrees, they are often too busy, and most often, patients only visit their doctors when a problem arises.

But a comprehensive health assessment is specifically designed to proactively assess your health status, identify unrecognised disease and disease risk factors, and advise you on strategies to address them. 

Described as silent diseases, there are a number of potentially serious but common health conditions that are typically symptom-free until significant injury or organ damage has already occurred. By this stage, preventative action is less helpful because damage cannot be reversed.

And many of these diseases, when present in combination, have an additive effect on cardiovascular risk. These include hypertension, elevated lipids, diabetes, coronary artery disease and stroke, and chronic kidney disease.

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There are many early intervention strategies that can reduce the risk of developing these diseases or limiting their consequences but this requires early identification and intervention.


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