The Personal Keto Diet Experience: Is It The Best Fat Loss Program Out There?

The Ketogenic diet has been gaining a ton of popularity in recent years. While there have been many low carb diets that have influenced the masses as of late, the keto diet has really made a major impact and with good reason. The keto diet works and that’s not just hyperbole. In the past when I needed to cut weight for fights or even now when a fighter needs advice for shaving off those last few pounds, the keto diet has always been the answer.

A Whole New World of Options

So the initial switch from rice, potatoes, beans, and other carb filled products to fats like oils, avocados, and nuts was a bit daunting. You basically throwaway everything that you’ve grown to love and replacing it with foods that just aren’t the same. Being keto means embracing fats which is something so many people seem to get wrong. Fats are demonized mainly because they are so calorie dense, not because they’re horrible for you. Yes, there are the trans fats that you want to avoid at all costs, but coconut oil and avocados will actually do your body good rather than the reverse.

The options you have at your disposal may at first seem limited, but that’s why you have a little thing called a brain. Research is required to do keto the right way. You can easily get caught up in the pitfalls of eating way too much protein while on the diet which will push you right out of the sweet spot of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body switches over from using carbs for fuel to fats. If you spend too much time eating chicken breast and not enough time consuming oils and nuts then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Entering Ketosis

With my experience first entering ketosis I noticed having a very dry sensation. What does that mean? Well, whether you’re drinking a few sips or all the water your body can handle, it always felt as if you’re just constantly dry. For whatever reason, there was a constant feeling of never getting enough water. But that’s only one man’s observation after all. I venture to bet that every person will have a different experience initially.

Energy Levels

In terms of the energy levels, there have been talks that lifting heavy or doing explosive work on a keto diet is ill advised and could be taxing on the body. Considering that the average person gets most of their energy through carbohydrates, switching over to fats as your primary fuel source does feel a bit different. Initially you’re going to feel sluggish, there’s no doubt. After passing the first hurdle however, life gets better and the suffering passes.

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