The keto diet is back, but is it balanced? | Health

But the body needs carbs, and Pick says the keto diet can be hard to follow and stick to being that it’s low carb. “It’s hard to miss many carbohydrates,” Pick says. “It takes some getting used to.”

Colson agrees, adding that the diet is not totally well-balanced. “The healthy part of the diet is giving up candy, cookies, cake, pies, sugar-sweetened soda and ice cream,” Colson says. “But you also must give up fruits, many vegetables, whole grains and milk because they are loaded with carbs. We get most of the vitamins, minerals and fiber from these foods. In fact, one problem eating keto is constipation due to the lack of fiber.”

Proceed with caution

Switching to a keto diet isn’t something dietitians typically recommend. “It is a diet some people choose to follow,” Colson says. “The only people that would benefit from it are those with epilepsy.”

Dr. Robert Zembroski, a clinical nutritionist in Darien, Connecticut, has witnessed eating binges once a specific food is available, which sets the person back in the quest to lose weight, thus creating the mindset of “another failed diet.”

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