The Diet And Workout Plan That Helped Paul Rudd Get Ripped At 46

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“Remove anything fun for a year and then you can play a hero,” Rudd joked to Variety.

Rudd incorporated a great deal of gymnastics-centered workouts and strength-training to his routine, which he says was the most he had consistently worked out in his life.

A CrossFit mentor who worked with Rudd told Muscle and Fitness his moves included dumbbell bench presses, jump roping, pull-ups and a great deal of ab work, designed to make him match and “symmetrically aesthetic.”


“I’d never exercised harder than this for an extended amount of time,” he told PEOPLE, adding that his whole life was centered on fitness and health. He admitted this was a unsustainable lifestyle, but when you’re going to become a superhero, you do everything you haveta do|He admitted that this was a unsustainable way of life, but you do everything you got ta do when you’re going to become a superhero|You do what you have ta do when you’re going to become a superhero, although he admitted this was a unsustainable way of life|He admitted that this was a unsustainable lifestyle, but you do everything you have ta do, when you are going to be a superhero.

“I was not just randomly doing this kind of arbitrarily, which could have made it much tougher,” he said.

For a more realistic version of his plan, CNN anchor Jake Tapper is weighing in. Tapper is friends with Rudd, and asked him for help cleaning up his former campaign trail diet of “sheer junk.”

In a recent Bon Appetit interview, he shared what Rudd’s toned-down plan looks like, since he is not, you know, becoming a superhero anytime soon.

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The journalist starts his day with a small bowl of oatmeal — he likes the ThinkThin brand’s version to help with portion control — and some sort of protein, like hard-boiled eggs. He’s got a protein shake later|shake in the morning and again after lunch, | again | made with banana, almond butter milk and ice|almond butter banana milk and ice|almond milk, almond butter, banana and ice|ice, almond butter, almond milk and banana|almond butter, banana milk and ice.

His mid-day meal and dinner are usually pretty similar, and often consist of a salad with grilled chicken, cranberries, and an oil and vinegar dressing.

Like Rudd, Tapper diminished his alcohol intake and upped his exercise, doing 40 minutes of cardio — usually on an elliptical machine — and then some strength-training daily after breakfast. (For what it’s worth, Tapper says Rudd did the 40 minutes before breakfast.)

He says he’s lost 12 pounds because changing his eating habits to this Rudd-approved plan.

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