The Benefits of Exercise

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The Benefits of Exercise

Delivered to you by the Department
of Kinesiology and Health
at Georgia
State University

The Health

of Aerobic Exercise

of Strength Training

Common train and physical exercise are extremely essential and useful
for long-term health and well-being. For a comprehensive useful resource, see
“Physical Activity and
Health: A Report of the Surgeon General.”

Health Advantages of Train and Physical Exercise:

  • Scale back the danger of premature demise

  • Scale back the danger of creating and/or dying from coronary heart illness

  • Scale back high blood pressure or the danger of creating hypertension

  • Scale back high ldl cholesterol or the danger of creating high cholesterol

  • Scale back the danger of creating colon cancer and breast most cancers

  • Scale back the danger of creating diabetes

  • Scale back or keep physique weight or physique fats

  • Build and keep wholesome muscle tissues, bones, and joints

  • Scale back melancholy and nervousness

  • Improve psychological well-being

  • Enhanced work, recreation, and sport performance


Links to different Well being Organizations:

The American Cancer

    The American Heart

American Diabetes Association

    National Institutes
of Health


Advantages of Cardio Exercise:

  • Elevated maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max)

  • Improvement in cardivascular/cardiorespiratory perform (coronary heart and lungs)

    • Elevated maximal cardiac output (amount of blood pumped every minute)

    • Elevated maximal stroke quantity (amount of blood pumped with every beat)

    • Increased blood volume and skill to carry oxygen

    • Lowered workload on the guts (myocardial oxygen consumption) for any given
      submaximal exercise intensity

  • Elevated blood supply to muscular tissues and skill to make use of oxygen

  • Lower coronary heart fee and blood strain at any degree of submaximal exercise

  • Increased threshold for lactic acid accumulation

  • Lower resting systolic and diastolic blood strain in individuals with excessive
    blood strain

  • Increased HDL Ldl cholesterol (the great ldl cholesterol)

  • Decreased blood triglycerides

  • Decreased physique fats and improved weight management

  • Improved glucose tolerance and lowered insulin resistance

Benefits of Power Coaching:

  • Elevated muscular power

  • Elevated power of tendons and ligaments

  • Probably improves flexibility (range of movement of joints)

  • Lowered body fats and increased lean physique mass (muscle mass)

  • Probably decreases resting systolic and diastolic blood strain

  • Constructive modifications in blood ldl cholesterol

  • Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity

  • Improved power, stability, and useful means in older adults

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Train and Physical Health Net Page is an ongoing venture by graduate
college students within the Grasp of Science program in Exercise Science in the Department
of Kinesiology and Well being at Georgia State University. This challenge was
created by J. Andrew Doyle, PhD, and was last modified on: November
06, 1997

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