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Text messages could be tech’s hidden weapon in the fight against diabetes

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Why it matters to you

Know-how can clearly play a useful position in protecting individuals engaged with their medical remedy.

There are all types of high-tech instruments aimed at helping deal with Type 2 diabetes, nevertheless it turns out that one incredibly helpful, low-cost answer may be one that the majority of us have been utilizing without considering for years: The standard text message.

In a research carried out by researchers at the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, a gaggle of 63 low-income Hispanics with diabetes acquired day by day health-related textual content messages for a interval of six months. The rationale for focusing on Hispanics within the research is that they face a better danger of creating Sort 2 diabetes — with 13.9 % of the population affected, in contrast with 7.6 % for non-Hispanic whites. Individuals in the research have been either uninsured or acquired protection by means of Medi-Cal. The majority have been middle-aged, feminine, and had acquired less than a ninth-grade schooling.

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