Teen spoofs ‘before and after’ weight loss pics by editing her date out of a photo after he called her ‘disgusting’

A STUDENT has spoofed ‘before and after’ weight loss images by editing her date out of a photograph – because he called her “disgusting”.

Miranda Baker, 18, took to Twitter on Sunday and shared two images: one of herself posed with a man, and another with him cropped out of the picture.

The American student captioned the snap: “After getting called disgusting last night, I successfully dropped 200lbs!! (Before and after pics).”

The post has since been liked more than 420,000 times and retweeted by 57,000 social media users.

Miranda revealed that she and her date, whom she does not name, had spent the afternoon partying and having lunch with her parents.

Later, at his university bash, she said he told her: “The way you were acting today was disgusting and unattractive.”

Miranda ended up leaving the party to meet up with her friends because she was “done with him”.

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