Tech N9ne of Strange Music Is His Fans Psychiatrist

Tech N9ne answers the phone. He’s somewhere in Canada, tripped up on time zones, with a fitness trainer named Jaws.

“I’m in the middle of a workout right now,” N9ne says. “That’s why I’m breathing hard.”

He isn’t breathing that hard. How could he? The machine-gun-fast rapper, who has collaborated with everybody from Red Man to Rob Zombie, has world-famous breath control. N9ne confesses he took a cruise in July and his belly grew, so he’s trying to burn it off. Lucky for him, he says, it’s working.

Jaws gives N9ne, Stevie Stone and Jeffrey “Frizz”, two other artists on the Strange Music Canadian tour, physical obstacles they have to complete every day. Rapper Krizz Kalliko, who’s also on the tour, isn’t working out because he’s on a low-carb Keto diet and doesn’t have the energy to train, says N9ne.

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