Tailor diet to suit your body, Latest Health News

As the war on diabetes rages on in Singapore, simply having a balanced diet may not be enough to tackle the disease.

China’s Professor Yu Jian Er, a renowned traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) master physician, believes the order in which food is consumed is important.

In an e-mail interview with The New Paper, the vice-chairman of Shanghai TCM Association said: “During meals, first consume the soup, followed by the vegetable. When one is almost full, consume the carbohydrate and meat.”

This will help control the body’s sugar response.

Prof Yu, who specialises in paediatrics, internal medicine (respiratory, kidney and immunology) and general wellness, will be in town on Dec 10 to hold a talk on diabetes at the biannual TCM Master Physicians Forum organised by Bao Zhong Tang TCM centre.

He will also be dishing out TCM health tips and recipes to manage diabetes.

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