Sudbury lawyer confronts home invader

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‘It’s shock, but I’m a lawyer, I’ve seen worst things. I used to do felony work for idiots like this’


What Alan Arkilander believed was a small black bear getting into his residence in the midst of the night time Friday, was, in truth, a person breaking in.

“I was reading the newspaper, so it was about 1:15 a.m. this morning (on Friday),” Arkilander stated, “and I had fallen asleep. I know that as a result of I awoke and I used to be still sporting my glasses. It was dark, because he broke the one mild that was on when he came in.

“I noticed this darkish factor crawling in and I stated, ‘oh geez, it is a bear’. Then I assumed there is no meals here, apart from me, I assume, but then I noticed that when he got here in, that it was an individual.”

Mark Brunette, a employees sergeant for Larger Sudbury Police, confirmed officers are investigating, but provided no further details.

The suspect was sporting darkish clothes and his face was coated when he entered his residence on Boland Avenue, Arkilander stated.

Arkilander is an area lawyer and former Sudbury Star curling columnist,

“I couldn’t make out any features,” Arkilander stated, though he believes the suspect was younger.

“It was in all probability some child,” he stated. “It would have to be a young male. It definitely wasn’t a 60-year-old man going by means of the window. And he was fairly slight, so I acquired the impression of him being a youthful individual.”

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