Study showing success in reducing hospital readmissions for postpartum hypertension

MADISON, Wis. – A telehealth study being conducted by UW Health, so far, has completely eliminated hospital readmissions for postpartum hypertension.

The study, which started in March, has followed more than 100 women who developed hypertension during pregnancy.

After delivery, the mothers enrolled in the study were given equipment that allowed them to have their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and weight monitored every day while at home.

Using a Bluetooth-enabled tablet, the information is sent to nurses at Meriter Hospital who monitor the vitals of the mothers every day and speak with them using a video chat or by phone.

“It just takes a couple minutes to get it done, knowing I had that resource on the other side of the tablet, or on the other side of the phone for me anytime I needed to reach out to them, “ said Sarah Riffle, a first-time mother with hypertension who enrolled in the study.

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