Study: 23 per cent of Chandigarh residents above 30 have hypertension

Written by Adil Akhzer
| Chandigarh |

Published: June 10, 2018 9:07:44 am

Nearly 23 per cent Chandigarh residents above 30 have hypertension. (Representational Image)
As much as 23.6 per cent of persons in the age group above 30 years screened under National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS) in Chandigarh were diagnosed with hypertension, while the number of patients diagnosed for diabetes was 16.5 per cent, the latest statistics provided by Chandigarh health department has revealed.

According to the UT health department, till April 2018, approximately 53,986 people were screened in the city and number of people diagnosed with hypertension was 12,782 (23.6 per cent) and diabetes was 8,909 (16.5 per cent).

The NPCDCS programme of the Union health ministry has been implemented in Chandigarh with the objective of “health promotion, prevention, early detection, treatment and management of NCDs,”, say health officials. People aged 30 above are screened by the health workers under the programme.

Health department figures provided by Chandigarh health director office further reveal that for the year 2017-2018, at the NCD clinics in the city , 22,569, people were screened. Number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the NCD clinics was 5449 (24.14 per cent) and those diagnosed with hypertension was found 6,539 (28.9 per cent).

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