Spring is in the air

Some people will try to fast to lose those few ponds. This is not a good idea since it will only accomplish lowering the blood sugar and then triggering the over-eating reflex. A better idea would be to use protein. Protein does not have the same insulin responses as simple carbohydrates and can help to balance the blood sugar. Proteins produce the hormone known as glucagon. Glucagon is an opposing hormone of insulin. I have noticed that when people cut down on their carbohydrates, certain allergies seem to be improved through the elimination of food groups to which they are sensitive. Food allergies alone can cause inflammation and weight gain.

Supporting the body with the proper nutrients can be most beneficial. Chromium is part of the glucose tolerance factor that helps regulate blood sugar. The B-complex vitamins are also essential for helping with the regulation of the blood sugar. The B-vitamins are co-factors in the energy cycle of the body. Zinc is an important mineral in balancing insulin functions. Apha Lipoic acid is known to increase the insulin sensitivity.

Exercise has a profound effect on weight control. Exercising can also restore a sense of well being. Enough cannot be said about the overall positive effects of exercise. Exercise should be a part of your overall health plan at least four times per week for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

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