Spring is in the air

Dr. Teresa C. Hill For the Journal-Advocate

The pancreas is in charge of making insulin, while the adrenals are basically the stress gland. The thyroid in turn regulates our metabolic rate. If our diets are deficient in appropriate nutrition, then we start to see an imbalance in our health.

Consuming food high in sugar and simple carbohydrates will result in an insulin response from the pancreas that can lower the blood sugar. The lowering of the blood sugar results in further cravings of sweets. Controlling eating habits that include sugar cravings has a lot less to do with willpower than it does with blood sugar. For instance, when the blood sugar drops, the brain, which is dependent of sugar in the form of glucose for its fuel, demands immediate satisfaction. The body will signal that it is extremely hungry and that food intake must be increased. Balancing blood sugar and preventing the “glucose dips” helps to create a subconscious feeling of fullness and even well being.

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