Some Important Fasting Tips For Navratri To Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control – Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

Navratri 2018 begins This time is one of the most festive times in the country. An essential part of Navratri celebrations is fasting. There are different fasting rituals which are followed by people in different ways. The joy of Navratri fasting is that many foods can be included in the fasts.

Kuttu (buckwheat) aata, singhare (water chestnut) atta, sabutdana, makhanas, nuts, potatoes and fruits are some of the commonly consumed foods during Navratri. However, diabetics need to take extra precaution during Navratri fasting. Everyone enjoys mixing fasting with feasting and end up loading on fried foods during Navratri. People with diabetes need to ensure that their blood glucose levels do not rise of fall down below normal levels. So in this article, we talk about some fasting tips for people with diabetes during Navratri.

Clinical nutritionist Dr Rupali Datta gives the following fasting tips for people with diabetes during Navratri

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