Samplytics: Samplytics brings diagnostic labs to phones

BENGALURU: It was at German conglomerate Siemens that Aayush Rai and Varun AV met and bonded over how existing models of home diagnostics could be improved using technology. They soon set up Samplytics, where they are building a medical test platform that enables one to do multiple diagnostic tests. Their first test is ‘Inito Fertility Monitor’, which lets one find up to six fertility days every cycle by measuring fertility hormones in urine.

“When we met at Siemens, we really hit it off. It took us a year to figure out what we wanted to do,” said Rai, cofounder of Samplytics.”We knew that labs are getting into people’s homes. Fertility seemed like a good starting point. For fertility only, India has the largest number of couples with fertility issues in the world.”

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