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Reddit Man Posts About ‘Lying’ To Himself About Weight Loss

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Now, UpOwlNight says he has figured out why. “It’s so weird to me, that after I acknowledge it and accept it, that I realize I have always known I was lying to myself,” he writes. “I tell myself I will do it fast.”

The Redditor says he reads recommendations that people should strive to get rid of a pound or two a week and writes them off because he believes that will take a long time. “I always think I can kill it in the gym, or skip a meal here or there, or completely give up drinking and knock this fat thing out quick,” he writes. “I simply can’t do that. Eight years have demonstrated it to me, and countless failed attempts make me realize how silly it would be for me to drop down that same insane rabbit hole of 3 hours per night at the gym, and 1,800 calories per day.”

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