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Two fitnes­s gurus speak to us about how it’s essential regulate your routin­e, with a purpose to contin­ue traini­ng in Ramaza­n

The ritual of fasting teaches us endurance, discipline and compassion, which additionally must be included in our weight-reduction plan and health regimes through the month of Ramazan. Two fitness gurus speak to us about how it’s essential to regulate your routine, as a way to continue training in Ramazan. Fairly than focusing on what you’ll be able to’t do, concentrate on a number of the recognized benefits that include fasting and centre your exercise and weight loss plan round those new objectives

Saba Rana

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner

How can yoga benefit us in Ramazan ?

Yoga is totally in sync with Ramazan. The guided meditation and pranayama (yogic breath) is deeply calming and really religious in nature and the asanas (poses) assist us discover stability. All these elements mechanically make yoga develop into part of Ramazan as all these train us the same things as fasting.

What can be a really perfect time for yoga in Ramazan?

Personally, I add pranayama to my rituals right after morning prayers. Alternate nostril breath, buzzing bee breath and full yogic retention breath are amongst a number of of the pranayama methods that help me feel grounded and calm and gently fall back asleep after sehri. I find that doing a full yoga follow right earlier than iftar is a wholesome addition to my day. It retains me grounded, targeted and toned as nicely.

Some dietary ideas you’d wish to share:

Dates are the most effective pure supply for power, sugar, fibre and minerals and naturally, it’s a sunnat to begin and finish your quick with dates. Keep in mind to remain hydrated with ample water. Keep away from sugary drinks and meals. Try to embrace bananas, oatmeal, honey, almonds and peanut butter. These are nice in nutritional worth.

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