Prevent diabetes? Doctors may soon have an app for that

An integrated digital approach to monitoring prediabetic conditions also can make healthcare more efficient. Not only do participating patients enjoy more frequent interaction with healthcare providers; Accu-Check View also enables doctors to schedule office visits.

Based on its strong initial success, Roche has begun rolling out this program more broadly in Europe. Such an integrated, digital solution offers potential benefits for prevention and treatment of other chronic illnesses.

This kind of integrated digital innovation could have tremendous impact on the medical device industry. In past years, in developed nations, there has been considerable advancement in pharmaceutical treatment for chronic illnesses known as “lifestyle diseases.” But smart, integrated interventions involving medical devices and apps could prove even more valuable as lifestyle diseases become endemic in developing nations.

A deployment advantage of the approach developed by Roche and SAP Health is that it does not actually involve data integration, in the sense of bridging data silos within an organization, or into business processes. Rather, it simply displays data from several sources through an integrated mobile/online interface. This makes the standalone solution technically simpler to implement.

While ultimately patients are the winners in better management of prediabetes, healthcare payers can play an important role in expanding the market for integrated digital solutions for preventative healthcare. These organizations potentially have much to gain, since treatment after the full onset of chronic disease tends to be more costly than effective prevention. And this, in turn, can improve the return that medical device companies see on their investments to develop such innovations.

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