Playing for Syracuse, Andrew Armstrong keeps a positive view on type 1 diabetes

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As many as 3 million adults in the United States have type 1 diabetes, and about 30,000 more individuals are diagnosed with the disease every year. In 1999, I became part of that statistic at 11 years old, and have dealt with it for the 18 years as. Syracuse Orange linebacker Andrew Armstrong received his own diagnosis|diagnosis|identification that was own|identification a lot more lately|more in life, as a senior at Cardinal Mooney High School|life|existence|as a senior at Cardinal Mooney High School, in existence.

Everybody deals with diseases — type 1 or otherwise — in their own terms. And it has only recently|it been something I talk publicly|discuss|talk. However, Andrew was more than prepared to spend the time to discuss how he copes with type 1|time|opportunity. He and I talked on the phone|spoke|talked after the practice of Thursday morning.

“I was actually diagnosed with my senior year of high school, in November,” he said. I played with my junior year of football prior to being diagnosed|football|Before being diagnosed, I played my junior year of football|Before being diagnosed I played with my junior year of football|Before being diagnosed, I played with with my junior year of football. I felt real sluggish throughout the season, had frequent urination, mood swings, I was not eating or drinking a ton –|swings I just didn’t feel right.

So when my parents brought me to the doctor and they ran some tests and my blood sugar was at the 400s. They rushed me into the emergency room, and there they diagnosed me with Type 1.”

For people with working pancreas, blood glucose levels typically range from 70 or so up to 120/130. Their body produces insulin to help break down sugar in the blood vessels, regulating that amount to stay within a certain range at all times. If a non-diabetic eats a lot of sugar, their body balances out that with insulin. And if they’re very active or have not eaten in awhile, their body also regulates blood sugar levels there, also.

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