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People’s Pharmacy: Will citrus bergamot lower cholesterol? | Associated Press

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Q: I’ve had success taking red yeast rice to reduce my cholesterol. It’s not quite as effective now|effective|powerful as in the beginning|effective|powerful.

My nutritionist suggested trying citrus bergamot. Is there research to back up this?

A: We were amazed to learn that citrus bergamia, the bergamot orange, acts upon the same enzyme as red yeast rice and statins to lower cholesterol (Fitoterapia, April 2011). Scientists have conducted a handful of studies to determine if this fruit or its infusion|its infusion or this fruit would be effective for treating high cholesterol. 1 analysis of 80 individuals found that a bergamot extract (Bergavit R) lowered cholesterol significantly throughout the six-month research (Frontiers in Pharmacology, Jan. 6, 2016). This trial was not placebo-controlled. And various other|some|various studies haven’t confirmed the lipid-lowering benefits|benefits|advantages of bergamot|bergamot’s lipid-lowering benefits|benefits|advantages.

Many folks complain that drinking Earl Grey tea can trigger muscle cramps. Since bergamot provides the distinctive flavoring for this tea, you should be alert for this complication|You should be alert for this complication since bergamot provides the distinctive flavoring for this tea|You should be alert for this complication, since bergamot provides the flavoring for this tea.

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