Our love of salt puts us at risk for high blood pressure, other – KRISTV.com | Continuous News Coverage

A high-salt diet has long been linked to higher odds of developing high blood pressure and heart disease as well as an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

But there is still a healthy debate ongoing. It is still worth the effort to reduce your salt intake.

“A lack of salt is a problem as well, but there is a happy medium. What we see is that most Americans have too much salt in their diet. The issue is when we have too much salt in a diet, it makes the body retain too much water, which brings up the blood pressure and blood volume. It causes more strain on the heart, kidneys, and brain,” said cardiology specialist  Dr. Dane Gruenebaum.

The average American consumes about 3.5 grams of salt a day. Cardiology specialist  Dr. Dane Gruenebaum from the Corpus Christi Medical Center says most of this comes from the highly processed foods that we routinely eat.

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