‘Normal’ Blood Sugar Can Hide Prediabetes

These methods don’t pick up on a blood sugar spike someone might experience after a meal.

“We’ve previously used one measurement taken at a certain point in time to assess someone’s risk of having prediabetes or diabetes. What’s unique here [in this study] is that we’re looking at people’s continuous sugar profiles,” said Dr. Rekha Kumar, attending endocrinologist at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. “The continuous glucose monitor is catching a cohort of patients who may be at risk of diabetes and might have been missed by current measurements.”

In addition to looking at the blood sugar responses from people’s regular meals, researchers also assessed how 30 of the participants responded to standard breakfasts: cornflakes and milk, a protein bar, and a peanut butter sandwich. The data showed that more than half of the nondiabetic participants experienced blood sugar spikes as high as people with prediabetes or diabetes after eating these meals.

Furthermore, around 80 percent of people experienced a big spike after eating the cereal.

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