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‘My 600-lb Life’ Bettiejo Elmore mocked on obesity weight loss tips on Facebook

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Life is so much totally different for Bettiejo Elmore after bariatric surgical procedure weight loss on TLC “My 600-lb Life.” But sadly some things haven’t modified and that features fat-shaming. The once 700-lb lady continues shed weight and shares advice to those making an attempt to lose. However after saying plans to take her anti-obesity message on the street, some Facebook customers fat-shamed Bettiejo and accused her of exploiting her story. They claimed gastric bypass surgery disqualified her from giving food regimen ideas. This concern begs the query of what constitutes actual weight loss.

Bettiejo Elmore’s weight reduction does not rely?

There’s a bizarre fantasy circulating that people who bear bariatric surgical procedure haven’t actually misplaced weight.

The misnomer is that gastric bypass is a few type of plastic surgery, like a tummy tuck, that cuts the fat away. It really just seals off part of the stomach to help forestall overeating. However that is not even the most important drawback. In actuality, something that subtracts weight is weight loss. Even anorexia or one other consuming disorder cause weight loss, whether wholesome or not. Bettiejo Elmore’s slimdown is not any less actual as a result of it was helped by “#My 600-lb Life.”

Gastric sleeve does not assure weight loss

Not solely is bariatric surgical procedure not plastic surgery, it’s actually not even weight reduction surgical procedure. “My 600-lb Life” has featured many people who’ve did not shed pounds after their procedure. Sean Milliken, James Okay and Steven Assanti did not lose a lot. And why was that? They did not do what Bettiejo Elmore advises and comply with the eating regimen that reality television show Dr. Now provides them.

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