Mobile App Improves Hypertension Medication Adherence, Not Blood Pressure

“Medisafe has many positive features, including ease of set-up, relatively low cost, and promotion of medication self-management,” said Alexander G. Logan, MD and S. Vanita Jassal, MD in a commentary on the MedISAFE-BP trial. “However, patients also want a system that automatically offers immediate, personalized action messages about achieving or maintaining goals of care and prompts appropriate contact with the health care team, components lacking in Medisafe that may have contributed to its ineffectiveness.”

The study authors noted that medication adherence over the course of the 3-month trial was self-reported, possibly leading to overestimates of adherence.

“After exposure to an app that very clearly encouraged adherence, intervention arm participants may have been more likely to report being adherent without actually changing their medication-taking behavior,” said Morawski.

Additionally, all participants submitted home blood pressure readings over the course of the study, guaranteeing that all patients experienced some self-monitoring. Self-monitoring has been shown to have small positive effects on blood pressure control and medication adherence.

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