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MIT has developed colour-changing tattoo ink that monitors your health in real time

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Researchers have developed a new colour-changing tattoo ink that responds to modifications in the physique, akin to blood sugar and sodium ranges.

Utilizing a liquid with biosensors as an alternative of conventional ink, scientists need to turn the surface of the human pores and skin into an “interactive display” – an concept that makes this proof-of-concept an thrilling one to observe. Know-how like this could turn out to be a revolutionary new method to monitor well being.


The challenge, referred to as DermalAbyss, is a collaboration between researchers from MIT and Harvard Medical Faculty, combining efforts from Fluid Interfaces and biotechnology.

Up to now, the staff has developed three totally different inks that shift color in response to modifications in interstitial fluid – the stuff that sloshes round between our cells, comprising some 16 % of the human physique weight.

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