Man’s Weight Loss Transformation Helped Him Overcome Depression

At 25 years old, Henry found himself unhappy, overweight, and alone. As he traveled back and forth from Seattle to Alaska for seasonal work, his relationship with his girlfriend and his body both suffered.

“I started to gain weight. I started to lose track of who I was,” he explained to “I never even noticed it until I stepped on the scale.”

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Looking down, he saw that the scale read 200 pounds — and in that moment, he knew he’d had enough. So he immediately committed to a lifestyle transformation, which included using Insanity workout DVDs from former Men’s Health cover guy Shaun T.

“Shaun T is very motivating to me,” Henry said. “He said something that always stuck in my head, which was ‘dig deeper.’ Every time I heard that, it made me push myself. Every single time. I still live up to that every day.”

I spent so much time trying to prove to someone else that I love them that I forgot to love myself.

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