Low Protein Diet with Ketoacids Improves Symptoms in Diabetic CKD Patients

By: Devon Andre | Kidney Health | Tuesday, May 15, 2018 – 05:00 AM

In recent years, the body of research surrounding chronic kidney disease (CKD) has uncovered some troubling statistics. The incidence rate of the condition continues to rise drastically and, with the associated increase in end-stage renal disease, CKD patients are dying more frequently, not less. What’s more troubling is that new research has discovered negative effects of dialysis and that the treatment significantly decreases the quality of life of CKD patients.

Thus, new treatment options are necessary to discover now more than ever. Due to the metabolic disturbances caused by CKD, researchers have hypothesized that an answer may lie within patients’ diets. A team of researchers set out to examine the effects of a low-protein diet, supplemented with ketoacids and its effects on CKD patients. In particular, with the heightened risk of diabetes for CKD patients, these researchers chose to perform the study in CKD patients with diabetes.

The study consisted of 197 patients with chronic kidney disease between stages three and five. Out of the total participants, 81 were also diagnosed with diabetes and 116 were not, who then acted as the control group for the experiment. All patients were over the age of 18 and any who were currently on dialysis or immunosuppressant therapies were excluded from the experiment. The participants were asked to follow a very specific low-protein diet and were examined over a period of three years.

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