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COLUMBIA — Tyler Howell is a big man, even by offensive linemen standards.

Missouri’s starting left tackle is the tallest member of the Tigers offensive line, standing in 6-foot-8, while weighing in at 330 pounds, second-most among starters behind Kevin Pendleton.

Howell’s large frame must be fueled by something to keep it vertical and operational through fall camp. But the lineman doesn’t load up on carbs or snack on steaks|snack|on legumes on snack or carbohydrates|on legumes on carbs or snack|on snack or carbs on legumes. Instead, he sticks to carrots.

“It definitely gives me more energy to keep playing at a high level all throughout training,” Howell said, “not like crashing or starting off high and crashing at the end, but getting you all the way through the hump of exercise.”

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