La Posada near The Gardens Mall builds $2.7M wellness center

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Almost every day for the past 40 years, George Heller, 95, hits the gym to ride 23 miles on a stationary bike.

A brand new, $2.7 million health center at La Posada is a welcome addition to Heller and other residents of the senior living community near The Gardens Mall. The freestanding center features new exercise gear, space for individual and group tasks, a test room and a workout room with glass walls that has a view of the pool and lake. La Posada finished the centre July 1|center|centre and had a ribbon-cutting for it Wednesday|it|this|Wednesday, the center was finished by La Posada and had a ribbon-cutting for this|La Posada had a ribbon-cutting for this Wednesday|it|this and completed the centre July 1|center|centre|The centre was completed by La Posada and had a ribbon-cutting for it Wednesday|it|this.  

La Posada, a senior living community close to The Gardens Mall, built a $2.7 million freestanding health center. It was completed July 1|July 1, it was completed|July 1 it was finished, and residents had a Wednesday|had|a ribbon-cutting Wednesday, and residents had|a ribbon-cutting Wednesday and residents had. Photo from La Posada

“It’s been a excellent substitute, though I do miss the walking. I burn about 600 to 900 calories each ride, which typically lasts about an hour. My family has a history of cardiac problems, so I’m hoping to avoid these by staying active,” he said.

La Posada constructed the wellness center to accommodate current and new residents who move in as it develops. A four-story construction with 54 apartment houses is slated for completion next year.

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