Kim Kardashian puts Kanye West on a ‘daddy diet’ ahead of the birth of their third baby

“She has never looked better, and life is going pretty good for her these days – and now it’s all about the new baby and the next chapter in life. She needs Kanye full of energy.

“So Kanye’s on a ‘daddy diet’ – or ‘lifestyle change to promote wellbeing’ – will see him work out three times a week, increasing to five times a week within six weeks.

 Kim's an avid workout fan and posted this on InstaInstagram
Kim’s an avid workout fan and posted this on Insta

“It’s going to start early in the morning when his trainer comes to the house, and it’ll be cardio and muscle conditioning.

“He’ll get his six pack back by Christmas.

“In terms of diet, he can’t cut out carbs like Kim did when she lost the weight after having Saint, because he’ll be working out so hard, so it will be a paleo-inspired diet created by Kim’s nutritionist.

 Kanye wants to get his six pack back by ChristmasXposure
Kanye wants to get his six pack back by Christmas

“At the start, all his comfort foods are off the list – the family chef has been warned not to break the diet. Plus Kanye tends to get take out delivered to the office or studio when he’s working – and that’s also banned now.”

Kanye’s made no secret of his love for food over the years – Kim once cooked him a special birthday ‘soul food’ meal featuring fried chicken, sweet potato soufflé, green beans, mac and cheese and brownies for dessert.

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