Ketogenic diet popular for weight loss

“If the level of ketones in your blood skyrockets, this can cause your blood Ph to lower dramatically, becoming more acidic, and this can be fatal,” Collingwood said. “If not diabetic, however, this is unlikely. ”

From a strictly weight-management perspective, Collingwood agrees that the diet can yield results. Collingwood has had clients who have been successful losing weight with a keto diet at first but who eventually gain the weight back.

The American Heart Association does not endorse any particular diet but has not spoken out against a ketogenic one. As with any major change in lifestyle, consulting a physician first is recommended.

Maddie Heinen of Winter Park started following a ketogenic diet on Dec. 26 to detox from the excess of the holiday season. In less than six months, she lost 27 pounds.

“With the keto diet, you feel much less deprived than most diet plans. While you are cutting carbs, there are still a ton of things you can eat, like all types of meat, vegetables, and most important to me, cheese,” said Heinen, a real estate agent.

Like Van Meter, Heinen says that sticking with the diet the first two weeks was the hardest part and that her sweet tooth is still pretty strong now.

“I still crave sugar, though definitely not as frequently, and it is absolutely becoming easier to resist,” said Heinen, 31. “For me, keto has completely eliminated any stomach issues. I have had irritable bowel syndrome and debilitating acid reflux my whole life. When I eat keto, I have zero symptoms of these issues.”

She is following the diet with her husband, Les Heinen, 35, who has lost 18 pounds since the end of the holiday season. Neither has added any exercise but have relied on each other to stay true to the diet.

The parents of two say that for convenience, and as a reward, they usually eat at least one off-plan meal on the weekends — and sometimes more than that.

“My best advice is to stick with it and get through those initial first couple of weeks. I would also advise to join keto-themed groups on social media. Having others who are experiencing some of the same things to talk to makes it so much easier,” Maddie Heinen said.

Vanessa Spina is the author of Keto Essentials and the founder of the blog KetogenicGirl, which has a social media following of more than 300,000. She has followed a ketogenic diet since 2014.

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